Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fire Camp Trivia

How much food and supplies does it take daily to run a camp supporting 1,800 firefighters working on a large wildfire?  Here are a few statistics from the North Pass Fire (Covelo, CA) in Northern California in 2012:

v    900 lbs meat
v    200 gallons coffee
v    28,800 drinks (water, Gatorade, juice)
v    2,000 pints of milk
v    1,200 breakfasts
v    2,000 bag lunches
v    1,500 dinners
v    587 dozen eggs
v    20,000 AA batteries
v    250 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
v    5,280 pounds of ice or 754 7-pound bags or 264 20-pound bags
v    600 rolls toilet paper for 150 porta-potties
v    5 mobile sleeping units with 210 beds (42/trailer)
v    300+ loads laundry
v    50 hand washing stations
v    450 showers at three shower trailers
v    24 – 26 miles of fire hose

Photo by Jean Hawthorne
Photo by Jean Hawthorne
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Photo by Jean HawthornePhoto by Jean Hawthorne

Compiled by Jean Hawthorne, PIO, North Pass Fire, 2012

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